These are just some of the awards we have received here at Pride Mortgage Lending.

UWM Breakthrough Award

This is awarded to loan officers who transitioned from retail into wholesale. Recipients of this award displayed exemplary initiative, exponential professional growth, and achieved the greatest success in their transition to wholesale brokerage.

Fastest Purchase Closer

This is awarded to individuals for working closely and efficiently with their UWM partners to close their purchase loans in record time. Time is essential, and recipients of the Fastest Purchase Closer Award demonstrate exemplary time management and prioritization of clients’ needs.

Fastest Growing Loan Officer

This award is given to loan officers whose businesses have exhibited the most growth since joining UWM within the last year. Growth is the key to success and these award recipients have shown their dedication and commitment to excellence day after day. These loan officers display leadership skills that enable them to set a shining example of excellence for their peers.

Digital Dominator Award

This is awarded to our clients who did an outstanding job of embracing our technology and leveraging its power to its full potential. Advances in technology can be daunting to incorporate into the workplace, but Digital Dominator Award recipients act as pioneers for advancing workplace practices and streamlining efficiency.