Travis Gibson

Loan Officer Assistant

I have been in the mortgage industry since January 2020. I started out as a Closing Specialist at UWM. I worked in closing for 2 full years, a normal day consisted of working on roughly 50 loans a shift. However, I ended up pushing the boundaries and setting my personal record at 136 loans in one shift. I learned a lot in closing especially from an operation standpoint.

After exceling in closing, I was promoted to Account Executive where I learned about loan products, pricing, and how to sell a loan. Once I hit the floor as an Account Executive at UWM, I started to think about being a Loan Officer instead of an Account Executive. That’s when I received an offer to be a Loan Officer Assistant and I jumped on it immediately.

I was a Loan Officer Assistant at Mortgage Express for three months. My first month at Mortgage Express I closed 3 loans, my second month I closed 4 loans and my third month I closed 6 loans. My favorite type of loan to work on is a purchase. They give me a sense of purpose, especially when it’s a first-time home buyer. I love seeing families close on their dream home and being able to make the process as seamless as possible for them. I make sure I am available every step of the way, from pre-approval to closing. I always say I’m not transaction driven; I am relationship driven. I never treat any client of mine as a transaction, I treat them as if they are a close friend.

I have a very competitive edge to me. I love winning! I played almost every sport you could growing up, football, baseball, wrestling, soccer, track, hockey, I even competed in a jiu-jitsu tournament. I always loved leading a team if I could. Now that I’m older I stick to less physical sports such as golf.

The three things you can take away from my story is that I am not afraid to take risk, I like being in a competitive atmosphere, I love building new relationships, and I am as gritty as they come.

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